Graphic design

Mighty Media love to make your website look fabulous, but our graphic designers are fully aware of the fact that a business has goals and requirements for it’s website, and that these goals have implications for the graphic design process.

The website strategy and information architecture will significantly define the site’s navigation requirements. Any existing branding or marketing material will require the site to use incorporate logo or logotypes and conform to existing colour schemes. The market segment a business is in and the target audience for the website will strongly influence the design style the site needs.

Mightymedia have a team of graphic designers with various backgrounds and personal styles to meet those requirements, and we are also perfectly happy working with outside graphic designers or firms where the client already has designers they’re happy working with. (see the Westpac Private Bank and NSW Lotteries sites on the What we’ve donepage)

Have a look at Our portfolio for an idea of the variety and range of graphic design styles we’ve worked with.

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