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mobile web development exampleCall us now on 1300 050 690 to mobile optimise your business website. With the incredibly rapid uptake of iPhones, Android phones, Backberrys and other “smart phones”, the “mobile web” is becoming a more and more important piece of your web presence. Some estimates have mobile web usage at 50% of all web traffic by 2016.

Is your website usable to these visitors? Could your mobile website be delighting these visitors?

All of these visitors have small screen sizes, and the “default” orientation is portrait not Yellow Express Mobile websitelandscape (phone screens are normally held so they’re taller than they are wide, opposite to desktop/laptop screens). These visitors are also usually looking for different information than typical desktop web users. When I’m on the go and browsing your website on my phone the information I’m after is often specific – I probably want your contact details, your phone number, your address (with a map link so I can get driving directions from my current location). I’m quite likely to be looking for your opening hours. I’m a lot less likely to be looking for your newsletter signup form or your press releases or whitepapers or your “corporate vision statement” on my phone.

Although many modern phone browsers are quite capable of displaying regular websites (with the notable exception of Apple’s iPhones inability to display Flash content), providing the information a mobile user is most likely to be looking for in the “expected” format will lead to a better user experience. Having mobile optimised click-to-dial phone numbers and small-screen optimised navigation (so people can easily find your map link or opening hours) can make the difference between you having a customer on the phone or on your doorstep, or a frustrated potential customer trying to pan and zoom around your beautiful-but-large-screen-assuming SMB Mobile Website Image Gallerywebsite and possibly going back to Google to find your competition’s easier to use mobile web site.

Everyone at Mighty Media is a voracious mobile web user. We all know what it’s like browsing websites on our phones, and we all know what works and what doesn’t on small screens. We understand that while mobile websites have common requirements, different businesses have their own special needs. If you’re a professional service provider I’ll probably be browsing your site to find your address and driving direction to make sure I can find you in time for my appointment. If you’re a plumber I’m probably browsing your site on my phone because my kitchen floor is ankle-deep in water and I want your emergency after hours number right now! (and I’ll pay whatever your late night charge out rates are, so long as I can get in touch immediately). If you’re a cafe or restaurant I’m probably looking to see what time you close or whether you’re open on Sundays.

Call Mighty Media today on 1300 050 690 – let us work out what your customers are going to want on your mobile website, and how to use mobile web engage, delight, and create loyal customers.

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