What we do

Marketing consultancy

We have the experience to discuss and advise you on the most cost-effective means of marketing your business to reach your objectives. If you don’t have set targets and a marketing budget you won’t know if the marketing is working. As  you can’t monitor what you can’t measure setting realistic goals and expectations  is a  fundamental requisite.

Website strategy

The three www’s of the world wide wide: why do want a website;  who is your target maret; what are you expecting your website  to deliver.

Website Information architecture

How much information is there going to be on your website? How is it going to be categorised and searched so that visitors can find the specific piece of information they need? What processes will happen on your website? How will people find complete those processes?

Website CMS & custom web development

Which content management system (CMS) is ideal for you. Each business has it’s own unique needs. What if your business needs something that’s not readily available from even a carefully configured CMS?

Mobile web development

With the incredibly rapid uptake of iPhones, Android phones, Backberrys and other “smart phones”, the “mobile web” is becoming a more and more important piece of your web presence. Do you have an old site that looks awful as a mobile version?

Website graphic design

A great looking website is always an important goal, but the graphic design needs to work around the objectives and business requirements of the website. Mighty Media understands this, and will build you a great looking and effective website.

Content & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO needs to address two areas, on page and off page SEO. Both rely on knowing your keywords. First get the basics right – make sure your site has good content, it’s structure is search engine friendly and every keyword search term has a page optimised for it. Secondly you need to acquire back links – links to your site from other websites.

Online marketing

Don’t only rely on a passive website with good organic search results.   website is like a business cards –  you still need to get out there and hand out your web address to your target market and potential referrers. We are keen on partnership marketing, in-bound links and e-marketing

Offline support marketing

Many observers said the digital world would kill print media, radio and TV. They are still around, adapting and still part of effective marketing. For many clients we ensure the website complements all other forms of advertising and marketing. We are able to create , project manage and implement any form of marketing – online and offline.

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